Football Operations Manager (FOM) AT YOUR SERVICE

To all members,

It is with pleasure that I announce that Paul Greenham will be our Football Operations Manager (FOC) in 2016 – handling all football related matters.

As the head of Football Operations within the club, Paul will act as a conduit between the Executive of the Club and members to ensure that all football related matters are streamlined and dealt with in a timely manner. Paul is certainly well known to most of our current members as they are also parents of active players within our club.

Parents, Coaches and Members may contact Paul on (0402) 138 350 to discuss any potential issue relating to football. All concerns must be emailed to the FOM email address (, so that any issues are recorded and dealt with efficiently.

The FOM will be having regular meetings with all relevant groups on an ongoing basis. This will be communicated to all members shortly.
Please support Paul and I thank him for spending the time to further develop our football department.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,
Stephen Martyn